Quick, when was the last time you looked at your Real Property Report? When was the last time you thought about if your Real Property Report was still current, or even compliant? If you have answered no to both of these questions, you are not alone - but not having a current and compliant Real Property Report (RPR) is the largest single cause of complications on closing according to real estate lawyers, as cited by the Alberta Real Estate Association in their AREAHub Monthly Newsletter.

 A RPR is a document created that reflects the current state of improvements (at the time of its creation) to a property within its boundaries, and aside from your home itself can feature decks, fences, sheds, and detached garages. When thinking about selling your home in Canmore, making sure you have this document on hand, that it is accurate, and has a Stamp of Compliance is crucial for a smooth completion when the time comes.

The costs for obtaining a Stamp of Compliance for 2017 includes GST:

Single Detached Dwelling/Half Duplex (standard 7 day service) $137.03

Single Detached Dwelling/Half Duplex (priority 4 day service) $274.06 

If you would like to learn more about the importance of the Real Property Report or the steps we take to make the listing process as effortless for your as possible, make sure to head to our Seller's Guide page to learn more!